28 Things to Do…

I’ve concocted a list (borrowed from Nicole Balch at Making It Lovely) about 28 things to do before I turn 28 in May 2011. I’m done with the list and will update as soon as it’s complete but here are the top tasks making my list:

  1. Become more stylish and dress better, especially when being casual.
  2. Work on 1 big DIY project that I can be proud of (ie. dresser, headboard, etc.)
  3. Pay off all credit card debt. (ooooh that’ll be a doozy!!)
  4. Write in blog every. single. day.
  5. Stop drinking pop altogether.
  6. Limit myself to 2 unplanned purchases a week, max!!
  7. Make a casserole from scratch.
  8. Have dinner at Maggiano’s Italian Restaurant.
  9. Go to a Chicago Rush arena football game.
  10. Start a solid workout regime –> at least 4x’s a week!
  11. Lose 30 lbs.
  12. Complete a boat tour of Chicago.
  13. Read 1 book a month.
  14. Clean out trunk of my car.
  15. Plan an organization system and recycle every item that I can.
  16. Enlist in and complete a 5K.
  17. Take Ella to the dog beach.
  18. Save for a mac book (even if I can’t buy it within the year).
  19. Visit 1 state I’ve never been to before.
  20. Spend the day at the beach.
  21. Do right by myself and make myself happy for me.
  22. Re-connect with old friends.
  23. Put together a writing portfolio.
  24. Be more professional at work.
  25. Go ice skating.
  26. Be more confident.
  27. Update work wardrobe.
  28. Have more patience with people.

Go to fullsize imageimage courtesy of sengiv_3321 at flickr.


3 thoughts on “28 Things to Do…

  1. Oh you lucky dog! I would have to come up with 43 things to do before I turn 43!! Thanks for visiting my blog, it was so nice to have you. You asked where I keep my “treausres”, well I live in the ‘burbs and have a little more than 600 square feet to work with AND I have an office with a HUGE closet to hide my goodies from my adorable husband. “This?” I’ve had this forever!”

    • a) thanks for brightening my day! youre my first comment! šŸ™‚
      b) its amazingly hard to come up with things that are fun to-dos and not “i neeeed to do”
      c) good luck on your list! i have a friend doing a 32 before 32 … itll be fun to see what she comes up with!

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