I am a huuuuge Dave Matthews Band fan. Whenever anyone asks me what my favorite band/singer is, I never hesitate and always offer up DMB. The music reminds me of college. It’s care-free, plucky, soothing music. It’s relaxing and relate-able.  My absolute favorite DMB song is “#41”. It’s rare that I stumble across someone that also has that as a favorite but when I find that person its exciting! I remember at a festival concert for a local DMB tribute band, I remember mumbling that I hope they play #41 and my friend Mary said, “Oh, me too! It’s my favorite!” Stellar.

I used to make it a point to see DMB every single year. Once, I saw him three times a year and that was one of the best.years.ever. JP doesn’t like Dave at all, so we really haven’t had the opportunity to go to any concerts since we started seeing each other. It makes me sad. I wish she shared that interest with me because it’s one of the biggest things on my all-time “favorites” lists. But anyways, this summer, Dave will be at Wrigley Field to play 2 shows! His opening act??? Jason.Mraz. I might melt, cry, crumble into a heap on the ground if I can’t go. It happens  to fall on JP’s birthday this year also. Ohhh Dave, I will figure out how we will meet again!!

Image taken from thedailypress.com


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