One of my biggest “To-Dos” on my 28 before 28 list is to refinish a thrifted dresser. I’m looking for something that’s long (which is sturdy enough to hold a bedroom tv…yes, I’m one of those people). Something that’s big enough to hold a ton of clothes that also looks elegant and clean.

[sidebar: I took one of those tests (vague, I know) that measure what your style is and I have come out either Cottage Chic or Nantucket Style. Basically, although I try to say I don’t like “country,” I do. But I think the difference between the country that I like and your traditional country style is that I like open, airy, and white … not warm wood tones, red, one and blue color patterns, etc. It’s more (cottage chic) and less (little house on the prairie).  The last time I took this test I came out a strong, 44% Nantucket Style.]

Anyways, so I’ve been searching for inspiration, to get over my nerves of tackling a piece of wood with a hand sander and some paint..and have found some great ideas at BetterAfter blog. Some really cute ideas that came out of not-so-cute furniture are Jolie’s bamboo switch-a-roo and Jenai’s gorgeous long, print-worthy white dresser.

I think the best inspiration comes from people like you. People that have a great eye for design and can translate that into a manageable project for those that aren’t as crafty. What inspires you? What project are you putting on the back burner?


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