read it forward

I love books. It’s one of the most obvious things about me…is that I love reading and writing. I always have. My godfather/uncle has a recording of me reading from an encyclopedia when I was 3 years old. I’ve always been placed much higher in reading classes in elementary school and after a spoof (and a slight case of delirium) as a chemistry/pre-pharmacy major in college, I settled into a more comfortable English-Writing major in my sophomore year at college.

I’ve always had a passion for journalism and was an editor for some form of school paper from 6th grade through my senior year of college. I love the depth you can get in a great article and although I do prefer feature pieces, I did enjoy reporting on sporting action when I was Sports Editor during my senior year in college. I even enjoyed a 1 year stint as a News Clerk for a local newspaper, where I primarily wrote obituaries. It was definitely my most interesting job to-date. No, this isn’t a resume or a bragging post but merely an appreciation for the written word. Sometimes I just want to bottle up the feeling you get from reading a good book, one where you’re emerged with the character on their journey…that you relate to them and start (in a strange, slow way) to care for this person that will never materialize in real life. I’ve started leisurely reading again. Part because I’ve missed it and part because I’ve needed something productive to do…and to lose myself in something that wasn’t my current life.

I’ve stumbled across a great website at ReadItForward, where you can sign up for newly released books. If you win, they send you a pre-edited copy that you read and then pass along to someone else. I’ve won twice with this program and have scored some really great reads. It’s a great way to not dish out $15 on a new book that will just collect dust when you’re done reading it.  Another thrifty way to score some good reads is to visit your local thrift store where you can find some paperbacks for 25 cents each to $1. Or, get a membership card to your local library. Some libraries have on-line renewal systems where you can check the book out for an additional 2 weeks to give yourself time to thoroughly enjoy the read. Best yet, you can search for NEW books through your library (probably most metro-areas will have this capability) and put the book on hold at a location near you!! The library will then call/email you a notification when the book is ready to be picked up. Happy reading!!


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