Bedroom Obsession <3

I’m in a weird financial place right now where a major life event may happen that could be at first very bad, but eventually pan out to be a blessing in disguise.  Unfortunately, I’ve also been chopping at the bit to “get something done.”  I think that’s the urge or need to settle, to feel comfortable…to be in a home. That may not truly happen for awhile and that’s driving me nut-so. Any hooter, that hasn’t stopped me from looking through various websites and magazines for ideas that inspire me to finally nail down what exactly it is that I want.

IPC image from

This room is really great. Its cozy and feel like a room that you can “live-in” and not worry about kicking up your feet and relaxing. I’m not a fan of the warm wood tone of the coffee table but a quick swap of dark stain or white paint could fix that up in a jiffy.

IPC image from

I absolutely adore this head board. It’s simply, neutral and files a strong lead to this soft room. I’m a fan. I’m gathering ideas of what I’d like to do for a head board (do I purchase, do I make?) … and I’m leaning towards the very strong desire to CREATE. I still have my first purchase of a hand sander sitting neatly in my pantry (still in its plastic packaging) just waiting for mama to test her out.


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