*among us*

I had a great weekend planned. Visit with the fam and an old friend…getting out and enjoying the weather, etc. Well, it rained on Saturday and quite frankly, I didn’t want to do anything in particular. I found myself emerged in 22 episodes of Roswell, season 1. So, naturally once season 1 was completed, I was able to track down season 2 on Netflicks for Wii (thank god for that invention!) and found myself watching this show literally for 7 hours. I’m still making my way through season 2 because of course, now I’m obsessed and in love with the love story of Max Evans and Liz Parker. Hello, am I 17 again?

I’m also a bit panicky because I can’t find season 3 to put it in my Instant Queue for Netflicks, so I’m hoping it’ll show up once I’m done with season 2. I already read all of the plot from all 3 seasons on wikipedia.org because I couldn’t wait til I got through the episodes to find out how it all ends up. (Mostly because I’m anti-Tess [Max’s alien “mate”] and want to make sure that Liz and Max end up together) Why, oh why, don’t I remember all three seasons of this show from the early 2000’s?? Oh wait, cuz I really was in high school and was already obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and a girl can only take so many abnormal love stories. So, instead of fresh air and activities, this is how I spent my Saturday:


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