Life changer <3

So, going off my post below…I’ve had some life-altering news lately. The sad part is that the news isn’t my own. It affects me and may change my life, or may usher someone out of it. But its not my life decision. Its something that affects JP in a deliciously new, scary, excitingly sad kind of way. More news on the when I can break the news. I’m terrified though, of all of the options that would come out of this decision.

Compliments of Walgreens Meetings and Media team.

I work for Walgreens. Bam, there  you have it. And part of our corporate perks is that they bring in celebrities that we can meet and greet and sometimes get autographs. This year, I’ve met US Olympic speed skater Opolo Ohno and reality tv stars Kourtney Kardashian and Kris Jenner. It’s a cool thing because we meet people that we kinda “know” from their events and status but will never get a chance to meet again. In the past, we’ve had Chicago Bears players and even basketball players. Do you have any company perks that are wacky or interesting?


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