Tale of the 36 sq. ft. Bathroom…

The bathroom in my condo is the worst room in the home. Not only is it small and seriously lacking any storage, its also bland and needs a HUGE facelift.

Please keep in mind that I have no storage and do not look directly AT the hot mess inside the bathroom. Anyways, I have a standup shower to your immediate left, a toilet and a vanity/sink to your right. Thats it. Straight and simple.

I want to tear down the pre-made shower stall and tile it out and install a glass wall and then hang a curtain on the side by the toilet. I also want to remove the door to the bathroom completely and either install a pocket door (which can end up being pretty expensive due to the electrical being on that wall) or install a fabric track door. Yes, it may be not as discrete for the room that its a part of but I desperately need to open up some room for storage and I think that right next to the shower stall would be a great place for it. Currently, theres a slender towel rack that sits there because the door swings into the bathroom and blocks that wall. Or, would I have enough room to put a tub? Would that even be worth it? Any thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Tale of the 36 sq. ft. Bathroom…

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