c’est le pied

I had my 1 week check up today post food surgery and everything looks great. They removed the old bandages and applied new ones and also took new xrays to make sure everything was okie dokie. I get to put 30-50% pressure on it with crutches and am now cleared to drive! I can see the light towards walking freedom!

 JP and I have decided to separate today. Like, finally stop living together and to cease communication after the move. At least until my heart mends and I can get over my feelings. So, not the happiest day ever. Actually, its heartbreaking.


In better news, my sister had a baby on 9.9.09 and he was born with both a cleft lip and palate.  Little Caiden Michael will celebrate his 1st birthday very, very, soon…so excited. Anyways …

 But my sister got great support from Shriners Childrens Hospital which specializes in cleft lips and palates for children and completes all of the baby’s surgeries free of charge. He has his first surgery shortly after he was born to fuse together his lips and to insert his first set of tubes in his ears. This little gem has been through a lot and yesterday had his next surgery to repair and fuse together the roof of his mouth. I’ll save you the details, but little Caiden Michael is healing very well and even experienced his first tongue piercing! Ouchy. He was able to go home today with mommy and daddy and isn’t scheduled to have another surgery until he’s 3 or 4 years old which I expect to be when they begin to tackle his little nose which doesn’t have cartilage in the middle.

 Aw, I adore this little man! It really puts it into perspective on how things that upset you and affect your life can really be so miniscule compared to what other people are going through. Thanks, Caiden!


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