To better health!

So, I’ve gained a few pounds. And it continues to depress me and affect me and its doing the right thing to me because its making me aware…its making me want to take action. I can’t wait til I can start full-throttle workouts and really give my body a run for its money but until that time comes, I have to start making better food/eating decisions. Like most people, I snack all day, eat way too fast and consume food without much thought as to what exactly I’m putting into my body.

I was searching some websites, especially Women’s Health and also Fitness magazine because I knew great tips, ideas and resources lurked there. Women’s Health is hands-down my favorite magazine, and it has such great resources that you would think I would take advantage of them more often. While perusing the site I found a great Daily Food Diary tracker. You can easily write down all the food you ate during the day on a neat sheet that you can put in a binder or just tuck away in your purse. Theres also a cool website that starts with a free trial that you can record your daily food in called  Sparkpeople also has a great, great, great website thats completely free that you can use to track activity and food as well.

So, I put myself on a 1,350 calorie a day diet. I tried the 1,200 cal a day via Jenny Craig before and I think it’s a lot harder to try to consume this when you’re actually making your food.

Todays meals:


Starbucks mocha frap light (125 cals) and 1/2 very berry coffee cake (160 cals) = 285


Sea Salt popped chips (100), 1/2 trky sandwich (300 cals) and 1/4 pickle (10 cals) = 360


Small bag of cheetos (160 cals), 1/2 trky sandwich from lunch = 410


Diet Snapple (0 cals!), water (o cals!) and 3 miller lites (94 cals each) = 282

Total: 1,337

Activity: Stationary bike for 45 minutes

Burned cals: 400


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