Injury Update

I had a 4th week post-op appointment yesterday for my tendon recovery and the doctor was very pleased with the healing. I did tell him that I was walking on it free of crutches but that it was swelling and bruising every day in the back of the ankle. He explained that that is because of the boot I’m wearing and the extra pressure of my weight. The boot provides stability but does not provide arch support and when I walk in the boot, I’m straining my arch which is then putting added pressure on the ankle and tendon. So, he gave me an ankle brace which will provide that missing support and said that I should continue to be in the brace and boot until my next appointment (Sept. 3rd) and then should be able to transition to regular shoes after that. Woo! Home stretch!

In other news, my work provides free flu shots for employees has part of its annual flu shot campaign. It’s free, so I’m taking advantage of it! Visit for more information on where you can find your local Walgreens for a flu shot.


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