M.I.C. – K.E.Y.

I attended my nephew’s 1st birthday party this past Saturday. Caiden’s actual birthday is September 9th but my sister wanted to host it 2 weeks before his actual birthday. It was Mickey Mouse themed because the little bugger loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I got to see some family members and also watch Caiden get just a tad bit bigger (as he’s actually walking now! sweet!). My sister got a jump house for the kids which I thought was genius. Have you ever been to a kid’s birthday party and there are no kids around?! Ah-mazing!

After having some good eats of hot dogs, hamburgers, pasta salads and cupcakes, we got to watch my sister open all of Caiden’s gifts! He was a popular little boy and scored some pretty cool things. He quickly found his favorite though, which he proceeded to jump on even though it was partially unwrapped and not out of the box yet:

The little guy loooves cars and driving! After toy opening, we had cake and his was blue, of course, with the entire Mickey gang! I think he had a blast and I know all the adults had a blast celebrating him on his special day! Happy Birthday Caiden!




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