Best Game Ever.

Last week, my dad took me to a Chicago White Sox game v. the Yankees. We’re south siders, born and raised (well, I was born in Indiana…but raised definitely). So, naturally we’re Sox fans. My grandma is our one rogue Cubs fan in the family, but we try to pretend that her adoration for that team is a 70+ year phase. My 2nd favorite team (which is a big no-no for Sox fans) are the New York Yankees. They’re the Sox top rival in our division, but I’ve always been so enamored with the history and legacy and tradition of the Yankees. Plus, Derek Jeter is my favorite baseball player and he captains the Yankees…so it was destined to be a Romeo/Juliet love affair between me and the Yankees.  Usually I wear my Yankees jersey to the Sox/Yanks game but because it was Blackhawks night, I opted to support my Chicago teams.

Here’s a very blurry pic of me and my dad at the game. (I took a picture of a picture, sorry!) He’s the best dad a girl can ask for. He’s never questioned me or my lifestyle. He’s always strongly supported me in every decision I’ve ever made, as long as its made me happy. He’s extremely forgiving and undeniably encourages me to always be my best. He’s also the most dependable person that I know.  You may not know much about my past, but my parents divorced when I was 1 and I was raised by my dad. Not to say that my mom didn’t want me but I think my dad always wanted me more. He fought her for me, in court, and lost. Of course it was the 80s and dads didn’t have much rights. It worked out because my mom realized that she was struggling as a single mother, to provide me with enough attention (she worked downtown and I was stuck at the babysitters alot because we lived in the south suburbs of Chicago). She realized that my dad, who lived with his parents after the divorce, had a better family environment for me at his house. My grandma was a housewife and was always home. She basically raised me. So, when I was 4 or 5, I moved in with my dad. I still remember my first day of kindergarten. I remember standing at the top of my stairs, nervous, and my dad just grinning at me as we prepared to leave.

Anyways, back to the game. The Sox were congratulating the Chicago Blackhawks on their 2010 Stanley Cup win and Coach Q from the Hawks was there to celebrate with fans. (Too bad Kaner or Toews weren’t there!) Ths Sox also celebrated all of the Chicago teams that have won championships over the years. Richard Dent from the 1985 Super Bowl championship team was there with the Super Bowl trophy, Jerry Reinsdorf owner of the Chicago Bulls and White Sox was there with the Bulls trophy, and Mark Buehrle pitcher for the White Sox was there with the 2005 World Series trophy. They said it was the first time that all 4 trophies were under the same roof. Amazing!

The 7th inning stretch was hosted by Scottie Pippen! He didn’t sing but it was pretty cool to see him waving from the announcer’s booth.

Quiz: What Chicago team is missing from this lineup?! 🙂


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