Bar Food and Exercise Plan: Day 1

Last night I had a dinner date with my dad at a local bar/restaurant that we like to go to in my part of the city. It has a great atmosphere and great food but the problem is that we both individually promised ourselves that we would take it easy on the food and then both dived into nachos, mozz sticks and sandwiches. Omg.

A testament to what that type of food does to you is how I feel today which is complete garbage. Bad food makes you sluggish and tired. It makes you feel heavy and stays with you seemingly the entire day. I’ve never felt so gross in my life besides when I’ve intook a ton of bad food. I realized, after we ate, how bad it was while watching these two men at the bar watching the football game. I arrived at the bar about 30 minutes before my dad and watched these men, both overweight, chow down on some $3 burger/fry deal and then take a picture of their meal (probably to upload it to facebook). Then after 2 more pitchers of beer and after my dad and I finished eating, they ordered another cheeseburger/fry each and then loaded it with sour cream. I was disgusted. Both with them and myself. So as much as I promise myself nearly every day to stop eating crap and to start working out, its going to finally happen. I have a workout plan that eases me back into things. On week 2, I’ll start a running plan also.

Today’s workout includes 20 minutes of cardio and then a core workout. I’ll keep you all updated on my progress as a I go from 204 lbs/size 14 to a healthy 165 lbs.

Riddle me this: A father and son are in a bad car accident, the father dies instantly and the boy is rushed to the hospital. Upon arriving at the hospital, the head emergency room surgeon looks at the son and says “I cannot operate on that boy. He is my son.” How is that possible?


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