Book Review: The One That I Want

I just finished The One That I Want by Allison Winn Scotch and couldn’t be happier that it’s over!! That’s horrible, right? I received the book via an amazing program called Read it Forward. You register to win free copies of unedited versions of new books and are supposed to read, then forward to your friends and family. I’ve been blessed to win three times so far and this is the first book that I’ve made it through.

The One That I Want (TOTIW) revolves around primary character Tilly Farmer and her seemingly bland life in the town she grew up in, Westlake. Tilly has a semi-dysfunctional family that pulls together in the end. An absent (in emotion and presence) husband, and a super power of being able to see the future that she inherits from a long-time friend. I think the book had potential, but didn’t allow the reader to get invested enough into the characters. Everything felt timed and felt that it was typical and quickly pulled together. I found myself at times, already knowing what the character was going to say or do because it just felt too typical and unorginal. It was hard to feel sorry for Tilly and her relationship with her husband because I didn’t feel invested in them enough. Scotch repeatedly made it known that he was an ex-star short stop in high school which is great, but it felt overrated. It felt like he had no personality, that he couldn’t even get comfortable in his role of former star athlete.

Tilly’s father had an alcohol problem and cheated on his wife, which was discovered by Tilly during the book. I felt that relationship, even the discovery was quickly hopped over to move the story along. Maybe this is harsh but I just felt the book was written poorly and had limited original thought. Characters were underdeveloped and plot lines were poorly created.  I felt wanting something more, throughout the entire story, and it was complete undelivered.


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