Quiz Time!

Jen from The House of Wood recently posted a quiz from Real Simple magazine called “What’s Your Color Personality?” You get to answer a bunch of neat little questions on everything from the colors that appeal to you most, to the type of car that you like best out of 4 options, to even the type of scarf you would most likely wear outta the bunch. After a grueling quiz (jk!) my results were finally calculated:

I am a Water Personality. Basically, I like tranquil colors that are soothing and light. The downside of being a water personality? That our “moods” can sometimes switch from “serene and shy to a bit melancholy.” Well! Let’s not get too dark.

I do really like calming, tranquil spaces. I feel like my home should be that place where I can relax and escape from the day. I like blues, greens, beige, and white. I like crisp linens and softness outlining a room.

Courtesy of housetohome.co.uk

I like limited pattern and cohesive color palettes. I love when you can imagine yourself just falling into a space.

Janet Lohman design

Janet Lohman design

What’s your color personality? What attracts you to a room and really makes “your space”?


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