Haunted Houses

JP has been asking me to go with her to a local haunted house this Halloween. I have agreed … but am trying not to think about it because it gives me a slight case of anxiety. The last time I went to a haunted house was when I was 16. A group of friends, and I, went to Reapers Realm in Hammond, IN. I remember being extremely nervous … scared, even. But I made it through most of the house ok. I mean, they can’t really touch you or anything right? Well, we had  to literally crawl through one room into another and when I stood up I realized that it was the “clown room”. Every haunted house seems to have a clown room…and that’s literally one of the things that gives me uneasiness. I hate clowns.

This “clown” was all in my face and following me around. It was so bad that I just stopped walking and just started bawling. I couldn’t help it but I was terrified. Finally a fellow clown took off his mask (and revealed he was about 16 years old) and nudged the scary clown and said “C’mon man, she’s scared. Leave her alone.” Then the scary clown just walked away. It was traumatizing, and slightly embarassing, and I vowed never to return to a stupid haunted house again. I don’t like scary movies, or to be scared at all. I HATE the feeling of being chased … which maaay or may not happen in the “haunted woods” attractions at some haunted houses. I’d rather enjoy the niceness of the holiday with smiley pumpkins and 4 year-olds dressed as tiny firefighters and little princesses. What are your thoughts on Halloween? How do you celebrate?


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