Recipe: Not-so-homemade Funfetti!

JP and I went to check out our brand spanking new local Dominicks on Sunday afternoon. Needless to say we were extremely impressed with its full-update/renovation. It went from a run-down, dirty grocery store where I swore I heard crickets from the lack of customers, to a beautiful, stream-lined, customer-friendly store.  We weren’t as impressed with the prices at Dominicks and swear that they are more expensive than our traditional favorite, our local Jewel grocery store.

None the less, D’nicks had cake batter on sale for 99 cents! Woo hoo! And accompanying  frosting was on sale for $1.29. I couldn’t resist scooping up 1 pack of funfetti and 1 back of whipped cream cheese frosting for a night-time dessert! I’m not including step-by-step instructions because they’re literally on the box 🙂 I’m not a real baker people! But I follow instructions very well. I think it came out great!

I made 1 cake for home and 1 for work so JP and I didn’t go overboard and eat our weight in cake.  But we did eat our share …


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