Brainstorming: Pocket Doors

Because I’m currently on a limited budget and saving for all the renovations that I want to make to my tiny condo … I’m constantly thinking about ideas and things that tickle my fancy that I’d like to do once I gather all the funds needed. One of the biggest things on my to-do list is my tiny bathroom. You might remember her from here.  I have a small (we’re talking 28″ round) stand up shower kit, eck! Along with a toilet and vanity/sink combo. That’s pretty much it. I’d looooove to have a soaking tub but I don’t think that would work. One of the most relevant problems with the room (aside from the venting issue, that’s for another day folks) is that the door to the bathroom swings in, which eliminates the use of the majority of the one “long” wall I have next to the shower stall.

See that pesky door there to the left? Yes, that opens into the wall that I have…very valuable space I tell you! So, I’ve been thinking a ton about installing a pocket door at some point to open the room up a bit. The 1 problem with the pocket door is that my electrical outlet/light switches are housed on the wall to the right (where the pocket door would have to go). The word electrician makes my wallet tremble with fear. Regardless, there are some good ideas and pointers available on-line for anyone brave enough to DIY a pocket door. I personally didn’t know they came in kits and you had to rip the walls in, install the kit, and then re-dry wall. Goes to show you what a difference a little research makes!

Here’s a good how-to found on-line regarding installing your own pocket door. Here’s what the teeny tiny bathroom could look like with a beautiful and functional pocket door installed:



Well, there ya have it! Any thoughts on incorporating pocket doors in the home?


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