Book Review: Jenniemae and James

I’ve been MIA. And, I’m sorry. I’ve had a few days off from work (where I usually blog at) and have also had some things happen in my life that have prevented me from sharing with you. But! I’m back and I have a book review for ya since I’ve been plowing through books like you wouldn’t believe!


This last book I won from Read It Forward. It’s an amazing contest program where you can sign up to read proof copies of new books. Sure, there are a few grammatical errors, but pretty much they’re shelf-ready and usually come out in book stores a few weeks later. This last read was Jenniemae and James by Brooke Newman. A memoir, about the friendship between her father and housekeeper from the 50s/60s, Newman paints a intricate story of race and tragedy in an average American family. Jenniemae is intimately involved in much of the home-drama between Mr. and Mrs. Newman, since she is the eyes and ears of the household. And, she forges a interesting and “unnatural” friendship with Mr. Newman when they bond over their love of math/numbers/and gambling. I thought the memoir was well written and allowed the reader into a suspenseful and overly dramatic family. I think it’s a good read even if you aren’t interested in much of the references to the time period in which the memoir takes place. But it does help to paint a picture of American life in those days.


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