Tommy Hawk.

I’m a Chicago Blackhawks fan. Aka ice hockey. My love for the Hawks comes from my dad and although I don’t really know all the penalties (ie. slashing v. hooking), I can still follow the game fairly well and I fall in love every time I visit my boys at the United Center. My dad got some game tickets for us a few weeks ago and I was devastated that I couldn’t attend the game due to my sister’s graduation. But he recently surprised me and scored tickets for yesterday’s match-up against the Anaheim Ducks … yes, named after Joshua Jackson’s Mighty Duck phenomenon. Quack! Quack!

The surprise wasn’t the tickets themselves…but the location of the tickets. We’ve sat wherever, mainly because they’re either a deal or because that’s the part of the game my dad wants to see that day. He’s adamant that all tickets in the stadium are good because if you want to watch the plays and logistics of the game, then you can see that from up top in the 300 level. If you want to watch the plays and also kinda see the players, then go to the 200 level. If you want service while in the 200 level, then get to the Club Box (where there’s a waitress to take all of your orders…awesome!), and if you want to see the nitty gritty fights or catch the chance to lock eyes with your favorite players, then get your butt down to the 100 level, which are also the priciest option.

We’ve sat in the 100 level before but my dad surprised me with seats 3rd row from the ice and 3 seats over from the Hawks penalty box. Ah-mazing. I was able to score some awesome pics, and to also catch all my favorite boys up close and personal. My two favorite players? Patrick Kane #88 and Brent Seabrook #7.

Seabrook stretching during warmups.

First face off of the game!

It was a pretty good game with the Hawks scoring 2 goals to answer Anaheim’s two goals. They ended up tying and had to go into over-time and the first team that scores wins. We had 1 player in the penalty box and in overtime, the man-count on the ice drops from 5 men to 4 men. So right outta the gate, the Hawks were short one man for about 42 seconds of the 2 minute over time. If no team scores, then the teams go to a shoot-out which usually involves Kaner kickin some major booty.

Hawks score!!

Well, the Hawks ended up scoring on a newbie, Viktor Stahlberg goal! Awesome!! During post-game, they announced Kaner as player of the game and I swear to god we locked eyes as he crossed the ice and tossed his hockey stick into the stands, which sailed about half a foot behind me and landed into the arms of 2 very angry men fighting over it. Losers. Stahlberg was also named player of the game because of the winning goal.

Hawks warm up!

I had an amazing time and was soooo pleased and excited to have the chance to watch the game from those amazing seats!!

Hawks lined up for the National Anthem.

Good job on your win boys!


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