These boots were made for walkin…

After months and months of deliberation, I think I’ve decided to walk away from the condo. Yes, I’m walking away from a responsibility that I pledged to uphold in 2007 and I’m knowingly obliterating my credit score and FICO score, and overall, it just plain sucks. But, I’m doing this for the financial betterment of myself. I’m crunching numbers until my head hurts, and I’m making scores of lists of large items that I can sell off (ie. fridge, anyone?!). I have a plan to bring my credit card balance below $2,000 on the big card by March 1st and to $1,700 on the other card. I’m calculating how much apartment I can afford and what just will have to wait. I’m thinking about big stuff like moving expenses and security deposit (if required), and organizing how I’m going to purchase a couch when I can’t afford one.

I’m dealing. But, I’ve made a move and am developing a plan that will hopefully make me deeply suffer the errors of my ways and create a more financially frugal and smart person. Even if its a forced effort.


2 thoughts on “These boots were made for walkin…

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