Backstreet’s Back …

In the 90s, boy bands ruled the radio waves alongside power pop divas Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Vying for teenage hearts were *NSYNC, which was headed by Justin Timberlake (the only breakout star of the band) and Backstreet Boys (who’s blond leader was Nick Carter). For some reason, I was always a loyal Backstreet Boy fan. I loooved Nick Carter and AJ McLean and would always stand up for them when butting heads with a loyal *NSYNC fan.

*image courtesy of web search*

Flash forward to now, where Backstreet Boys (and *NSYNC) are compiled of men in their late 20s-30s returning to woo their female fans from the 90s for another round at stardom. I’m still a BSB fan. No doubt. But my love for Justin Timberlake (sans *NSYNC) has also grown pretty fierce. BSB has since lost their eldest member, Kevin Richardson, who in 2006 decided to move on from the boy band scene and focus on other things in his life. They’ve also released an album since their come-back, “Unbreakable.”

*image courtesy of web search*

The Backstreet Boys recently announced a joint concert/tour with fellow, and veteran, boy-banders New Kids On The Block set for 2011. I realize at the age of 27 that I have come far in my life and have had the opportunity to mature, but when I hear a BSB song, I revert back to my 13 year old self and well, lose it. So, a joint concert had me really hyped up and uber excited!

Check out this amazing sneak peek!

Are any of you into the boy-band craze of the 90s? Anyone planning on checking out the joint concert?


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