Gobble, Gobble. T-Day Re-cap

I am a product of divorced parents. The only child of my dad’s and the eldest of two daughters from my mom. So, holidays are usually split between the two camps as I maneuver my way from the northern part of Chicago on into the far south side and into NW Indiana. Typically, I stop by my grandparents/dad’s house first. Because my grandparents are getting older, our stove doesnt work, and I’m the only grandchild, there isn’t really any reason for my 76 year old grandmother to slave over a huge meal on the holidays. We’ve traditionally gone the easy route and ordered meals or visited the casino boat for the buffet. Classy, I know. But I adore my family, even though they’re ultra-cooky. This year was no exception. I made my way over to my dad’s for “pumpkin pie breakfast” and we watched the history of the Bozo Show featured on WGN-9. I hate clowns. So, this was great.

My grandpa and dad watch Bozo.

Yes, my dad is dressed in his best Thanksgiving gear: yellow shorts and a Harley Davidson tshirt. A few hours later, I started heading over to Indiana where my younger sister was preparing Thanksgiving dinner at my Uncle’s place. This is the second year in a row where Sam has cooked and she’s actually pretty good at it! She made everything you can imagine from turkey, ham, mash potatoes, green beans, and tons of snacks too! I got to spend some more time with my nephew, who I a.d.o.r.e. We had a few more people visit us here because my mom comes from a large family (she’s 1 of 10 kids). So, Sam, my nephew, Mike (Sam’s bf and Caiden’s daddy), my Uncle Dan, my mom, and my Grandma all enjoyed a great dinner. My Uncle Joey and his wife and three kids stopped by to visit and my Aunt Joann stopped by to eat while on her break from work.  I saw this beaut of a sign on my way to my Uncle’s. Loverly!

Indiana Welcomes You!

Caiden enjoys pumpkin pie!

My nephew enjoyed some pumpkin pie and because the whipped cream on the fork wasn’t enough, he decided to just stick his face in it … thatta boy! After I left, my mom gave me a great present that I can start for a new hobby! So excited!

Yes! I will be learning how to sew, slowly but surely!! Very excited!

Unfortunately, I had to work on the day after Thanksgiving. I always run outta vacation time before the holidays! But the best part of working the day after a holiday?!

Zero traffic!!! Woot! While all those crazy shoppers were making their rounds around the malls and other outlet stores, I was able to steer clear at a lovely 6:30 a.m. on the expressway. Sweetness! What was your favorite part about Thanksgiving/Black Friday?


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