Epic Fail.

I’ve failed. And, I’m ashamed. Ok, not really. But whatever! I tried. I made a deal with myself to steer clear of pop/soda and retail non-essentials! In my attempt to nix pop outta my life for good … or at least for 30 days … I’ve failed at day #7. WHAT! Ok, so I lasted a week and that felt great. I actually felt slimmer, and had less headaches. But then Thanksgiving came. And my family had cases, I mean CASES, of pop everywhere. So naturally, I treated myself to one five diet Cokes. What the hell Ashley! Lock up the insanity!! Then on November 26th, I miraculously hid a can of Diet Coke into my Potbelly’s order. Two days in a row. No bueno. Back on the wagon I go!

I also made it to day #7 of the retail squash and went a bit crazy in Target on Black Friday. I only dropped $45 but still, that was $45 that could have gone to something better … like my dang credit card bill. I guess I shouldn’t have tried going on a retail diet during the holidays. Foolish!!!


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