Serve me up some Joe!

With winter full in swing here in Chicago, I’ve been guzzling coffee like it’s my job.  I find myself always slyly oogling a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts as I pass them by on my way to and from work. I even caught myself desiring one at 7 p.m. the other night! Ok, so  this is probably not a strange proclamation for like 99.9% of the human population in the US, but for me (an ice coffee drinkin machine!) the desire to continually indulge in the hot treat has been a rare commodity for me. I think it started in the fall…when the pumpkin spice lattes were finally revealed for the season. These sweet little concoctions prepared my body for all that winter would have to offer me.

I had a few of these bad boys during the fall but absolutely fell head over heels for the Peppermint Mocha (no whip) that was introduced in December. Um, hello? It’s utter heaven with the just the right amount of chocolaty goodness and minty freshness. Perfect for hitting up your weekend errands or bringing along shopping caroling. By the way, theKitchn has a great recipe on how to DIY your own Peppermint Mocha goodness.

I’ve been trying to curb my desire for these frothy drinks as they contain empty calories and well, are a bit addicting. So, my next go-to is a regular coffee at McDonalds (with milk and equal). You would think that for $1 that their coffee would not taste that well, and it is a little light but I love it. It’s my morning go-to and is a better deal than Dunkin Donuts’ coffee which can run up to more than $2 for a small.

What’s your go-t0 cup of Joe? Do you have a favorite place that serves it up? A favorite way to take your coffee? (I prefer mine Hazelnut with skim milk and 3 packs of equal). Or do you steer clear of coffee altogether?!


Note: I have not been compensated by McDonalds or Starbucks to promote their products. The post above is my own thoughts/experiences.


4 thoughts on “Serve me up some Joe!

  1. Shop-bought coffee is my one daily indulgence. I hit up the new locally-owned coffee roaster who is right down the street from me. Some days it’s a cappuccino, but lately I’ve been on an espresso macchiato kick. I love the taste of espresso. Without sugar.
    BUT some days in the winter I do like a gingerbread latte! With whip, please. 🙂

    • Awesome! There aren’t many locally owned cafes near my condo but when I do venture out into other neighborhoods, I like to hit those up too. They usually have great coffee at a great price! 🙂

  2. Gotta have my Starbucks 🙂 I’ve been meaning to try one of those fun peppermint drinks, but I’ve always been afraid that they’d be too sweet. Maybe soon though, I’ll consider it my treat for getting through finals! Haha.

    • The peppermint mocha is my fave! But I can definitely see how the peppermint liquid could be too sweet if there was too much. But because Starbucks is awesome, I’ve never had a bad one! Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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