B’hawk game

I know, I know. You guys are getting tired of hearing my stories about the Chicago Blackhawks…but like JP told me last night, I’m obsessed. A few weeks ago, my dad surprised me with ah-mazing seats for the ‘Hawks game and I was smitten. I got to see all my boys up close and personal! Then, last week I was able to meet Patrick Sharp (co-captain of the ‘Hawks) up close and personal at a work meet and greet. We chatted a bit, then he pulled me aside and asked me to run away with him signed his autograph and snapped a great pic with me! He was ultra sweet and super good looking in person. It was truly a once in a lifetime thing.

Do you think he remembered me?!

This past Wednesday, my dad and I went to the United Center to catch another Blackhawks game. My favorite player, Patrick Kane (Kaner!) is out for 3 weeks due to a leg injury which made me shift my focus to favorite player #2 (Brent Seabrook) and #3 (Jonathan Toews). I love Toews because he’s so competitive, and tough for one of the youngest on the team (he’s 22) and he’s the captain. Nothin better than that. Why does a girl like my love hockey? Well, I think a lot of it has to do with just the feeling inside the stadium. There’s so much energy and love for the team. I see Cubs fans, Sox fans, Bulls fans, etc. all bonding over 1 team. Cheesy, I know. My favorite parts of the game are right before when the do the pre-game stuff on the big screen, and then shift to the players walking out of the locker room so you can see them start to come out before they hit the ice. It’s soooo exciting haha! My second fave part is at the end of the game when they stay on the ice for a few minutes and they raise their sticks in appreciation of their fans. Always gives me chills. LOVE IT!

So, the game we went to was against the Dallas Stars. The only crazy thing about the Stars is the Burish is on their team and he used to be on our team last year when they won the Stanley Cup (and since 2006). I saw signs that said “We miss you Burish,” which I thought was ultra cute.  Our seats were AMAZING again. This time we were one row closer…so 2nd row from the ice and about 3-4 seats from the penalty box.

Bryan Bickell in the box for fighting.

One of the best things about Blackhawk games? The ‘Hawks scoring goals. And we were treated to five of them on Wednesday night!! The boys got up 4-1 pretty fast so for awhile it seemed like it was song after song and our goal song selection? The Fratelli’s Chelsea Dagger. It’s the best.thing.ever. The entire stadium erupts and all chants, and dances and celebrates the goal.

I love it! We have 1 more game to go to before my dad has knee surgery! I can’t wait!!

Hawks Score!!!

What’s your favorite team? How does your team celebrate wins, runs, points, etc?


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