*Silent Night*

Do you remember those holiday traditions you did in college? I barely do. But I remember it was fun, especially when a few thousand teens and 20 year olds are let wild on campus. The girls in my dorm usually headed to the cafeteria, during our freshman year, to have a dorm Christmas dinner. My university hosted an annual Christmas Cookie party where alum and parents baked TONS of cookies, and you could grab a few before finals. It was ah-mazing. We decked our halls and prepared to trek to classes in the snow before winter break brought us back home.

I was reading an article recently about Taylor University and their host of “Silent Night” during a men’s basketball game. The gist? Everyone dresses up in their pj’s and heads over to watch the men’s basketball game. Literally, there is barely anyone left in the dorms. The students crowd into the gym and stay almost completely silent until the basketball team scores its 10th point. Then. Chaos erupts. The kids sing, cheer and chant for about 5 minutes after that point is scored and then go ballistic for the rest of the game with their cheering.  After the game, the kids head over to different areas on campus to enjoy Christmas cookies, story telling from their Dean and other fun activities. I thought this was a pretty remarkable idea and kinda really neat to watch. Enjoy!


What holiday traditions did you have at your college or university? Any fun times that you and your roommates shared before Winter Break?

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