2010 Re-Cap

Kellie at Rockstar Boots recently posted a re-cap of her 2010 year, and I started thinking about all that happened to me this past year. Accomplishments, failures, completed tasks, etc. And I decided a lot of mine weren’t that positivo. So, that’s my RESOLUTION for 2011…to have a more positive life and outlook on life. To have fun and do the things that make me happy. To not dwell on the past. So, in an effort to shove 2010 off the bed, here’s what we got:

  • Helped JP through 3rd back surgery
  • Worked part-time at Dunkin Donuts for some extra $$
  • Subsequently, quit my career at DD
  • Re-united with JP and broke up with JP for the 3rd time
  • Moved back into condo/lived on my own for first time in 2.5 years
  • Made 2 new good friends (C and JB)
  • Went camping ❤
  • Interviewed for 2 new jobs (with same company): still in process for 1
  • Made a debt re-payment plan and chipped away at a lot of it
  • Made a list of 28 Before 28
  • Started leisure reading again
  • Visited Ohio twice
  • Met Patrick Sharp, Apolo Ohno, Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian and Robbie Gould
  • Said g’bye to my work bestie
  • Hit a home-run in almost every fall softball league game (about 5 in 1 season)
  • Got into a minor car accident> but no one was injured and Sophie popped her dent back out [good girl!]
  • Had foot surgery (warning: nasty post-op photo)

Yeaaaah. I think that was 2010 in a nutshell. Nothing exciting. Looking back, it was pretty much a downer. Sad, but true. So going back to my 2011 resolution, I want to make 2011 more positive. I will strive to look at the best in the worst situation and strive to start to more activities that interest ME. Very exciting peeps. I also added a new page at the top of my blog for my 2011 goals, so that they’re there…in our faces…holding me accountable. I’m looking to YOU faithful readers, to question me, and make sure that I’m diligently being harassed for attaining or not attaining these goals. Your call.  😉

Lastly, I always check my yearly horoscope out before a new year starts. Kinda so I can know what I’m up against,  I guess. I checked out my 2011 Astro Guide (which reminds me of Astro Glide…totally different tool) from The Frisky to check out what 2011 has in store for my Gemini-self. Here’s a breakdown:

  • “Your heart will be flung from extreme to extreme, intertwining love and hate so tightly that you will have to learn to re-balance yourself all over again and recalibrate where you want to aim your affections.” (WTF!!! All that comes to mind is what is JP going to do in 2011??)
  • “The good news is this year won’t be a bore – there won’t be a dull moment!” (sweeeet….)
  • “The past is going to be officially over, as you will learn all the lessons so well that you can easily propel yourself into a happier and clearer future.” (thank you!)
  • “Time to clean everything out. However, you’ll need space and to hold onto your confidence when dealing with your heart and mind”
  • Time to lift the barriers, especially with 2012 around the corner being your year to reap the rewards from the fountain of fulfillment.” (I need a great year!!!)
  • “Time to decide if you want your peak to be something to look forward to or something you look back on” (touche)

And if you think this cold weather is bad, check out this time-lapse video a guy from the northeast took of the 32 inches of snow that they were recently pummeled with! Happy new year to you and yours!


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