Etsy Faves

Lately, I’ve been going ga-ga over necklaces and have perused to find some really cute designs. Here are some of my faves:

  • Mod Bird by Lana0Crystal. This little guy would look great as a statement piece to a classic outfit.  Have I ever noted how much I LOVE Jennifer Anniston? God, love her style.


  • Custom state necklace. So cute! I saw one awhile ago that is linked to a sorority lavaliere (but they didn’t have Illinois). These are ultra cute, especially if you live in one of the major cities indicated in the <3!


  • Peas in a pod. Very cute as a gift to a mom. I’ve been looking for something to give my sister that she can wear with Caiden’s initials or name on it. She only as one pea in her pod (ha!) but if she had more children, I think this would make a great gift!



  • Owl Pendant. Owls are cool. I don’t care what you say!


  • Wishbone. I just ordered this to replace a necklace I used to wear. So adorable!


Do you have any etsy faves?


One thought on “Etsy Faves

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