Uncle Sam … Wants You! (to pay him cash $)

Its quickly approaching that time of year when we all have to evaluate our 2010 expenses and file taxes with Uncle Sam.

I usually get excited around this time of year because its when I can taste the big money in the air (it’s really my money that I overpaid that the government owes me). Anyways, I’m neurotic sometimes about my finances and always jump the gun when it comes to figuring out what Uncle Sam will pay back to little ole Shlee. Will he bless me with thousands of dollars showering on me from the heavens above? [picture: Shlee dancing in a field with money falling all around me] Or will he be ruthless and tear those dollar bills out of my freshly excited hands and laugh in my face? I’m guessing with my circumstances from this year, that its the latter.


For the past few years, I’ve had the same items to collect that reward me big bucks. We’re talking like $3,000 a year big bucks. And for a broke ass girl like me, that’s like the lottery!! Cha-ching! The paperwork/payments that I make that score me cash-ola are: W2, Mortgage End of Year Statement, Charitable Donations (if you itemize your deductions, definitely clean out your closets and donate at max $500 to your local Salvation Army…you can write this off), and education interest (aka Evil Sallie Mae). Last year my biggest refund amount came from my mortgage interest/taxes…and since I’ve made my last payment on my condo in August 2010, I doubt that this year will be reigning in the big bucks. The dollar signs in my eyes turned into pennies…so sad. I also decided to try switching my dependencies on my W4 to “2” in June 2010, because I wanted to see what it would do…apparently, it’ll cut you at the knees if you decide that you can no longer afford your casa.

So, instead of this …

I can expect to see more of this …

Crazy as I am … I already used Turbo Tax to “guesstimate” my earning from 2010. TT allows you to figure this all out for free but if you want to store, save, print, or submit, you have to dish out $. So I gathered my last paycheck, and glanced at my mortgage website for the last up-to-date information on the financial state of Casa de Shlee and estimated with my taxes were for 2010. Granted, this isn’t the most concise information because I have zero real material to go off of, just want I had from last year. And with the condo situation, I’m sure there’s a ton of missing information that I haven’t factored in. Right now I’m sitting at about an 80% loss over my refund from last year. WHAT THE HECK! Crap. My bad.


I’m no financial expert…so don’t hold me to anything I say. And don’t venture to TT early, unless you’re neurotic like me and are interested in “what could be.” Good luck to you and yours in the new year!


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