Giving Back. aka. Cleaning Out The Closet.

While in the midst of JP moving out of the condo and finally getting through all of my summer and winter wardrobes, she and I have compiled quite a few bags full of donations for our local thrift store. I like to give to the Howard Brown Re-Sale store because it directly supports an LGBT health center, specifically one that provides services for HIV/AIDS patients in the northern Chicago area.

I’ve volunteered personal time at the Re-Sale store, as well, because they always need help sorting clothes and straightening their floor. It’s good to know that its helping a good cause, especially one that’s close to the community that I’m directly involved in. The building that the Brown Elephant resides in is actually pretty neat. It used to be a vaudeville theater, then a roller rink and was lastly home to the Griffin Theater Company. It has really neat, old-school architectural designs on the interior.


Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.

– Madeline Bridges

While tearing through our closets and cleaning out my car, we managed to corral about 5 bags of goods to donate.

Everything from mens to women’s clothes to computer bags and purses to even a nice little pencil holder. I estimated about $311 worth of items that I could use to write-off on this year’s taxes. I’ve also donated earlier in the year but just dropped the items off without intention or need to write them off.

So I packed everything up into garbage bags and put them in my car where they sat for a few weeks until I had time to make it to Howard Brown. Very punctual, I know. But I made it just in time on December 31st to be able to still include in my tax write-off. YAY!

Do you shop or donate to thrift stores? What are your favorites?


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