Love and Envelopes Birthday Club

I recently joined Lindsay and Megan’s Love and Envelopes Birthday Club where a bunch of bloggers sign up and share the love (and envelopes) with fellow bloggers on their respective birthdays. Ladies are matched up monthly with one special birthday girl and send her an encouraging note/birthday wish and a small gift (if they want). Then the birthday girl can blog about the great love (and envelopes) she received on her special day! It’s kinda a really neat idea and I jumped at the chance to get more involved in the blogging community. Since my birthday doesn’t roll around until May 28th (and its the big Golden Birthday … ie. 28 on the 28th) I have the fun tasks of spreading the love for 4 months before my big day! Woo hoo! I received my first birthday girl for the month of February yesterday and am so excited to find a perfect card and maybe a small token of happiness. I believe there is still time to join, so head over to the girl’s site and sign up!

I LOVE my birthday. It always get me soooo excited that my special day is around the corner. Everyone should be as excited as me, right?! Haha…well if you enjoy birthdays or are more interested in learning about all the fun birthday wishes sent around the world from the club, definitely check back on the various websites to see what fun things have been shared!

Love & Envelopes


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