worry wart

My team and I have a recruitment event at the University of Illinois-Champaign on Tuesday afternoon through the evening. Its one of the biggest recruitment events for our company all year. The problem? Well, Illinois and Indiana are supposed to be pummeled with a terrible snow storm that could yield 15-22 inches of snow. Words like “life-threatening” and “devastation” have been dropped in the newscasts of the Weather Channel and local stations … they’re talking about 25 foot waves off of Lake Michigan onto Lake Shore Drive…I mean…scary! This is supposed to be the largest winter storm since 1999. AK is not interested in this.

Source: zezinha souza

This drive is supposed to be about 3 hours with about 2 hours of it on open highway. The ideal driving conditions for spin outs and sliding into ditches. Great!! We’re waiting to hear if we have to make this adventure. I’m hoping that if we do, we can stay in a hotel through Thursday and not attempt to drive back in the snow. Usually the highways won’t be plowed anyways. Oh man! Well if I’m quiet for a few days, I’m probably stuck in the blizzard of 2011! Wish me luck!


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