Snowpocalypse. Snowmaggeden. Snow.M.G.

I live in Chicago. And unless you’ve been living in a bubble lately, you should know that Chicago was recently hit with a huge blizzard yesterday. Cars were stranded on Lake Shore Drive for 10-12 hours and had to be towed off. We got about 21 inches of snow and HUGE snow drifts…like 5 ft tall snow drifts. I walked around yesterday to catch some of the craziness that was in my neighborhood.

Yep. Thats a 20 ft. mound of snow in the alley.

It was kinda surreal to see so much snow on the ground that literally cars could go nowhere because the streets weren’t plowed and the snow was half way up all of the cars.

Snow in street. Lotsa snow in street.

A day after the snow storm, the city began massive clean up efforts. My street is a side street and didn’t get touched until mid-morning on Thursday (today). And our alderman called in this huuuge tractor to drive around the side streets and plow. Seriously, this thing was massive. It was like a gigantic transformer compared to all of the cars.

Ella was out in the snow a bit but because she’s so small she can only stand to be outside for a little bit. The salt hurts her paws and the snow literally towered over her. It was kinda fun to see the power of Blizzard 2011. And, I hope that’s the last we see of it for a long time … doubtful though, because we’re in for some more snow this weekend!


2 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse. Snowmaggeden. Snow.M.G.

  1. haha yeah it was bad here for 1 day and then the city was up and running the next day. It took me almost 2 hours to dig my car out but I had to wait for that to happen. Then we got hit with below freezing weather. I’m SO grateful for the 40s we have this week! 🙂

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