Tip Jar| #6 Snow Etiquette

Last week we had some massive snow pound the midwest. The day after the snow hit, Chicagoans began to seem like they were going through Spring cleaning a bit early and taking note from our New Yorker friends, and  tossing their trash in the street. By tossing their trash in the street, I really mean placing their garbage or unused household items to “hold” their parking space on the street after they have dug their car out of the snow. It’s a little thing we call “Dibs” in Chicago, and I can’t stand it.


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So, what exactly is “Dibs” and how does it work? “Dibs” is when a citizen shovels their car out of a massive pile of snow and then removes said car from the spot. Once they remove their car, a nice clean parking spot is then available where they have put in their hardwork in removing the snow to dig their own car out. The citizen will then grab whatever non-used household items or patio furniture that he/she has and place it in the spot where they have dug them self out, thus calling “Dibs” on that spot.  If a different citizen were to come along and remove the chairs to park in the claimed spot, they can potentially face backlash from the “Dib” calling citizen in the form of having their car keyed, window broken, etc. People get pissed off when you remove their “Dibs” items and toss them back in the snow on the side of the street.


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So, why can’t I stand it? Because. It looks trashy and I half get-it and half don’t. What I get is that you put the effort into cleaning off of your car and getting it out of the spot, leaving a clean and glorious parking space that is rare when a huge snow storm hits. You put the effort into it and you should feel proud. What I don’t get is that you should feel “rewarded” for that effort. It’s public property. When we have a huge rain storm hit and the streets are flooded, you don’t see people lugging out lawn chairs to claim the non flooded street areas, do you? You don’t own that spot, the City of Chicago does. So if you want to put the effort into getting your car out, it’s just that. You wanted to get your car out and move it. The spot should then be up for grabs because you left. I spent 2 hours digging my little Jetta out of the snow. Burned a crap ton of calories in the process. After I got Sophie out of the snow and went on a Joy Ride of Freedom to Target, I didn’t lug out old crap to save my spot for when I return because I don’t own that spot. When I returned I went and parked somewhere else. If everyone dug out 1 spot, then we would all have parking, wouldn’t we?


I did find on my return from Target, that some other citizen came by and claimed my spot for their self. The whole purpose of “Dibs” is that you put in the effort, so you claim that spot. You don’t watch a 27 year old female dig her car out for 2 hours and once she leaves you feel entitled to that space. Etiquette, people!! Plus, “Dibs” is technically illegal and I feel like everyone participating should go to jail to free up more parking spaces. ha! jk Do you have any crazy traditions when it snows or you get crazy weather?


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