Movie Review: Just Go With It

I was able to check out Just Go With It this past weekend, which stars Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in a romantic comedy. The basis is that Sandler is a middle-aged plastic surgeon that uses a fake wedding band to hook up with much younger women to prevent him from getting hurt and to not get involved in a relationship and he noticed that the young ladies liked the deal that he was an emotionally injured married man and they could “save” him from the pain of his wife. Whew. Run-on sentence!


Image Source: Sony Pictures

Sandler’s character falls for a gorgeous blonde named Palmer, who is played by Brooklyn Decker (Andy Roddicks’ wife). After lapsing through a bunch of lies where Brooklyn believes Sandler is married to his assistant Katherine, played by Jennifer Aniston, the group takes Katherine’s kids and Sandler’s brother to a “family” Hawaiian vacation so that Palmer can get to know the family better. It’s a crazy storyline but was definitely entertaining with a lot of “special” guests like Nicole Kidman and my favorite, Dave Matthews. The kids were really entertaining and the twist at the end was definitely cute. It was a good movie to see in the theater but you wouldn’t miss much if you caught it on DVD instead.


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