Bam! I am the Debt Eliminator! Hear me roar!

I was blessed with both a paycheck (I get mine monthly) and my income tax refund on the same day. Can you say balla?! I can. Of course I spoiled myself and treated myself to some goodies … which I’ll talk about in an upcoming post. But I also successfully landed $1,000 on my big credit card. Yep. You read that right. 1K went right to eliminating debt on my credit card that used to hold a balance of $4,200 this past August.

I’ve made phenomenal headway and am currently balancing my Debt Diary so that I can fully assess where February has taken me and  to get back on the wagon of regularly schedule payments to my big credit card. I do have some major purchases coming up in May and June … primarily car registration which runs about $106 and also my city sticker for Chicago and parking permit which is like $85. Gah! But hopefully if all goes as planned, I can be free of my biggest credit card by May. Wouldn’t that be sweet? And just because this made me smile today:


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