I’m not a runner. I think I’ve mentioned that a million times. But part of my 2011 Goals are focused on proving to myself that I can complete a 5K. So, I’ve signed up for the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle on April 10th and will try to complete not just a 5K but an 8K. Yep. 5 treacherous miles in which I will re-consider my mental sanity for signing up and trudge, hopefully, along Chicago in an effort to prove to myself that although I hate running, that I can do it.

I’ve gotten sick for the second time in 3 weeks so I’ve had to take a week off at a time as my chest congestion subsides and I’m able to breathe again without feeling like I’m having a heart attack. The good news is that I’m able to jump right back into my program where I left off. Yesterday started week 4 where I’ve graduated to longer stretches of jogs and shorter stretches of walking. I’m up to a:

  • 5 min walk
  • 3 min jog
  • 90 sec walk
  • 5 min jog
  • 2.5 min walk
  • 3 min jog
  • 90 sec walk
  • 5 min jog
  • 2.5 walk

I was dreading the start of this week because I was struggling a bit last week to make it thru the 3 minute stretches of jogging. But I hopped on a treadmill (after stretching and spending 15 minutes watching Income Property on the elliptical) and literally strided it out. During the first 3 min jog, I felt great. I was reading the news on tv (they have closed captioning on it since the machines at my Ballys don’t have personal tv monitors) and before I knew it I was ready for my 90 sec walk. The first 5 min jog was a bit scary as I mentally calculated 5 minutes in my head and what time I could needed to stop and begin the walking break, but I actually made it through pretty easy peasy.  The next 3 min jog was pretty easy and then last 5 min jog killed me. I put my jog down from 5.5 to 5.0 on the last 5 minutes and made it alllll the way through without stopping. I was and still am literally so proud of myself.

I didn’t give up. I have 2 more days of this routine and then I switch to week 5 which boasts switching from 5 min jogs to 3 min walks. Oh boy! But, I’m getting there and I have way more endurance than I had since the beginning of January when I started the program. What are your 2011 exercise goals? And have you had any quick wins or accomplishments three months into the new year?


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