What’s in a Name?

This is an odd post, admittedly. But whatevs. Just go with it.

It was thinking about my dog’s name the other night. For those that do not know, I own a 4 year old miniature pinscher named Ella. I adopted her in December 2007 after I was settled in my condo, and to keep my cat company. Little did I know that my cat, Max, was completely unimpressed with Ella. Due to allergies from an ex, I had to get rid of Max and Ella took over reign of my castle.

I adopted Ella after doing some research on the breed. She came from Indiana from a rescue organization, which to this day, changed their telephone number the week after I adopted her. The dog was out of control. Barking at people, sleeping on couches and beds getting her tiny little eye lash hairs all over the place, not potty trained, a literal “animal” whenever she was put in her crate. It was a bit of a nightmare. Plus, her original name was Nugget. Lame.

She eventually calmed down, became potty trained…still barks and lunges at people (in a playful yet terrifying way for others)…but stays off the couches and props herself right next to any heater or heat source that contributes successfully to her nap times.


Immediately after adopting little Nugget, I knew that this name just would not do. I thought about what she should be called and what I would like and landed on Ella. How I landed on Ella, for this tomboy-ish little 14 lb dog was from Rihanna’s song “Umbrella.” No joke. That song just came out and I loved it. The chorus part when she’s like, “ella, ella, eh, eh” was my favorite part. Thus, Ella was contrived.

Ella answers to many names. Probably because half the time I’m lazy and just yell anything to get her attention. Some of her nicknames include: Ella-Bean, Bean, Lala, and Mama. I’m not sure where Lala and Mama come from … I assuming that I thought they sounded like Ella (which I’m sure she agrees) and so I went with it. She does know her name though, which I consider a success. I brought Ella for a visit to a friend’s house the other day and she was off chasing her little dog in another room. I called “Ella” and she came running. What a good girl.

Do you have any fun names for your pets?


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