Weekend Deals

I did some shopping a few weekends ago. It was payday on Friday and I finally scored my income tax refund. After dishing out some serious cash ($1,000) to my major credit card, I thought I’d treat myself for being so well-behaved. I’ve been jonesing for a North Face black fleece, which I’ve wanted so bad that I included it on my 2011 Goals. Well, luck be a lady! Moosejaw emailed me last week with their newest deal which was a free Moosejaw Jen Hoody with a purchase over $99, plus you get free shipping on orders also over $99. Because the black on black North Face never goes on sale and I knew I would be dishing out the $165 plus tax, I f igured, why not scoop up a free $50 Moosejaw hoody, especially if I don’t have to pay for shipping?! Seemed like a great deal! So, for what I would’ve paid anyways for tax on the fleece, I got a freebie thrown in.

Then I stopped by the local mall to use a giftcard that I received from Express which was for $30 off your purchase of $75 or $15 off your in-store purchase lower than $75. They have cute little clutches with wrist straps (or are they wristlets?) that are in all different colors and designs and are only $15.90. So, I scored a cute little white wristlet for only 90 cents plus tax which was a whopping 99 cents! Better than a dollar store deal!

imagine it in white ...

So those were my bargain buys. Now the spending high is wearing off and I’m focused on budgets, budgets, budgets!


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