Gray + Yellow

I love gray and yellow rooms. I can’t remember where I first spotted the design/concept but ever since then I’ve been obsessed with eventually re-doing my bedroom into a soft, cozy gray and yellow color scheme. I love this … although I’m a big fan of the gray wall and yellow accent colors instead of vice versa in this room…but it still works for me:

Campbell designs actually has a post on decorating with gray and utilizing yellow as the accent color. It’s a different anchor color than beige or white that we traditionally see and can also make the accent color pop out better than a beige or tan.

I adore how the gray is a great contrast to the yellow and just makes it pop so much more. Do you have any color schemes that you’re in love with?


2 thoughts on “Gray + Yellow

  1. I really love the yellow and gray color scheme as well… a yellow and gray pillow from Target was my ultimate inspiration for our guest room. My husband wasn’t too sure about designing a room in yellow and gray, but I convinced him and it turned out so well. You can check out our yellow and gray room here: We bought most of the stuff from Target… so it was actually pretty cheap!

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