Weekend Fun

This weekend, I was asked to go to Second City with JP. I was excited because I haven’t been in some time and I looove to laugh. Probably more than I love to do anything else! We saw the e.t.c. side show instead of the mainstage and I thought it was just as funny as the main stage performances are. There’s a group of 6 people (3 male and 3 female) and they go through a pre-planned performance. Then, because we went to the late, late show at 11 p.m., the performed a third act of Improv after. Way fun!

I had volleyball playoffs on Sunday, where my team had dropped to the losers bracket from the previous week (double elimination tourney) and had to play 1 match to get back to the Championship. Well, we lost. We beat ourselves and should have totally dominated the other  team. Instead, we took them to three games and dropped the last one 15-13. Can’t win them all, eh? Had some fun with my friends afterwards watching lots of basketball and tracking my dismal bracket. Is anyone doing well on their bracket?

I have a busy, busy, tough week ahead! Hope everyone has a good one!


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