The past 2-3 weeks have really put the importance of family into perspective. My grandma’s uterine cancer re-appeared after two years of her having a hysterectomy. She had a tennis ball sized tumor removed and the doctor determined that she still has cancer cells in her blood stream so she will be going through chemotherapy for 4 months.

In addition, my grandfather was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia, low blood sugar and congestive heart failure. The doctors have told us to prepare for the worst and that he will probably not be returning home. I visited with him yesterday and he seems in good spirits and began eating. He has aspirating pneumonia and chokes on his spit. The spit then drops down his  throat right into his lungs. Because he wasn’t eating, his sugar was getting dangerously low. Not good for a diabetic. His body is collecting a lot of fluid because his heart is only pumping out 20% blood instead of its typical 60%. So, its an extremely hard time.

It’s hard to see my grandparents in this part of their life. They raised me and have been a stable and constant part of me since I was 5 years old. It’s been really stressful and emotional for my father who is their primary care taker. And it breaks my heart to see him struggle with the thought of losing his parents. I can’t imagine what it will be like when it’s my turn to go through this with him. It will be unbearable. I have some posts planned for the next few weeks as I start making this blog more organized. Mostly to help myself quit being all over the place. But bear with me if they’re scattered over the next few weeks. Grandma starts chemo on Tuesday so it’s a really hard time all around.


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