Radio Shack?! Really?!

I logged into my credit card accounts online to check balances and to start plotting where my March paycheck will be headed tomorrow. As soon as I signed into my Citi card account, there is a read alert stating that I need to call customer service ASAP for some unusual activity on my account. I thought it might be strange because I’ve been using the credit card the past week since I’ve exceeded my budget for the month (let’s save that travesty for a different post where I confess all of my personal finance sins). When I called up Citi I was immediately transferred to the fraud department where I was notified that there was an attempted $1,600 charge to Radio Shack online. Then, in all seriousness I was asked if that was my charge. Trying to wrap my head around where someone could have jacked my cc number, I calmly responded, “Uh, no. There’s a Radio Shack online?”

The customer service rep was really helpful and said that the charge was declined and that they recommend that I cancel my account and get all new account number and credit card number. Good idea. What worries me is how this happened. I quickly have been going through my mind of where I’ve left the card, what I’ve charged, if I’ve used it online. According to (one of my fave know-how websites) they give some advice on how  to prevent credit card fraud. Let’s see how I’ve done:

  • Shred credit reports and credit card statements before throwing in the trash (I own a shredder, which I don’t use that often, however I get all my statements through e-statements)
  • Call your credit card company if your statement is delayed (Again, I get this via e-statements so I haven’t had a problem with tardiness)
  • Order credit card statements and bank statements at least once a year and read through all charges (Again, I get these via online and don’t charge much so reading through them are easy breezy. I do this monthly)
  • Photocopy drivers license, ATM and credit card numbers to ensure you have account numbers and expiration dates handy should these be stolen (I haven’t done this but will do soon! You can never cancel to early to prevent those thieves from charging everything and anything)
  • Mail your bills at the post office due to higher crime in mail box theft (I mail mine out from work that goes directly to the post office, but I may take this advice although I pay most of my bills … especially credit card bills, online)

Have you ever had an credit card fraud scares? If so, what did you do?



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