Book Review: Color Me Butterfly

L.Y. Marlow’s Color Me Butterfly was as recommendation that I read about via Women’s Health magazine a few months back. I scheduled it to be put on hold via the Chicago Public Library and was able to pick it up March 11th.

The novel follows a black family’s history over several generations where domestic violence is a re-occuring theme through their lives.  Some of the events (especially early on with the relationship between Eloise and Isaac) are very disturbing and will tug at your heart as you try to wrap your head around why women stay in relationships where they are battered by the men they love. It will make you think how children grow up in these households and fall into the same traps as their parents have to continue the cycle of violence.

The book takes several twists and turns as the women are consistently let down by the ones that they love and you can feel that the decisions that they make in their lives, which may be the only decision they have, will eventually come back to haunt them. It was an extremely easy read. I got it done in less than 2 weeks and was thoroughly engaged in the entire novel. It’s based on a true story and it pulls you in. I highly recommend picking it up if you’re looking for something to really emotionally attach to.


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