Movie Review: Limitless

I’ll be first to admit this: Bradley Cooper is a cutie. Between his gorgeous blue eyes and perfectly tousled hair, he’s that kind of all-American guy that makes the knees of innocent women tremble. I headed out with a friend to catch his newest release, “Limitless” which focuses around a worn-out writer turned super genius after taking a new kind of drug that provides the user the ability to access 100% of their brain functions. The movie has some weird visual aspects, some leaving me kinda nauseous as it navigated through the city scenes or through his “brain waves”.

I had heard a review that stated that Robert De Niro joined the cast so that he could work with the actors on other projects in the future, basically calling the flick a flop without outright putting it down. I’d half-agree. The film had a great back story and I kept waiting for it to peak at greatness which it just never seemed to get to. It was ok at best and was definitely a movie that could wait til it rolls to DVD. Abbie Cornish was absolutely adorable in the movie, but had minimal scenes. Bradley Cooper definitely has the ability to one day be a huge star but I think is cast in those preliminary roles to see how versatile he is and unfortunately didn’t score any rankings as a blockbuster actor just yet.

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