Book Review: Distant Shores

I picked up Kristin Hannah’s Distant Shores while on a scour through Border’s closing sale. The book revolves around a woman who is living in the shadow of her husband who is a former pro-football player that was forced to resign from football due to an injury. As her husband tries to find anything other than staying at home with his family, targeting jobs and aspiring dreams that would propel him back in to the limelight, his wife is left to wonder who she is. She’s been her husband’s wife for so long that she doesn’t have that passion or spark in her life of things that really move her. She lives for her husband and children, and lived her life making a home for them.

As her husband gain notoriety in a new promotion to one of the top shows in Sports news casting, he is moved to New York where he asks his wife to join him, naturally. But does she go and continue to live his life and stay in the shadow unsure of who she is?

This story drove me nuts. It was decently written and the characters were pretty developed, especially the main character. However, it was painful to get through at most times and the story felt like it would never end. When it did, it was an anti-climatic ending…not that I anticipated some great earth shattering epiphany from the wife … but just something interesting.  I’d say pick this up if you’re just looking for something to pass the time … not something that will have you engrossed for days.


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