Goodwill Finds

While waiting for my grandma to get through her second round of 5-hour chemotherapy treatment, I decided to head over to the local Goodwill to check the merchandise and see if I could score some great finds. Overall, there wasn’t anything noteworthy and barely any furniture. I did find out that their sale (50% off everything) happens on Saturdays and they did have some cute knick-knacks:

First up: the darling white ceramic pups that I know Sherry from Young House Love would adore. The best part? They were only $2.50 a pop!

Next we have a lovely row of picture frames, some that just fell out from back to the future…literally…from the 80s. Sweet:

Then, we have the worst iPhone picture ever taken. Don’t look too closely or your eyes will burn. Seriously. It’s terrible. But its a row of games, some of them brand new. I thought of picking some of these up for my grandpa since he’s at a rehab/nursing home and it gives him something to do. But he’s not really into puzzles and I just bought him a brand new Monopoly for $8 at Target (read: Targeeee).

I did find these pretty blue glasses in a variety of shapes and sizes. Might make a good summer set for a 4th of July themed party.

I also found little buddah guys that would be ultra cute spray painted in a bright yellow or blue. Didn’t snap a pic though! Any good finds in your thrift stores?


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