Sizing up the Germs

Airports. Planes. Children. Security.

Do these words cause chills to run up your back? Well, sometimes they do for me. Especially when I’m traveling for work. I’m deathly afraid of heights and airplane rides are no exception to this rule. I think it is the part about completely putting your life in someone else’s hands and worrying about a wayward bird logging itself into a jet propeller taking down the plane. Yes, morbid. I love people watching at airports because you do get to witness some very interesting people on this earth. But I always, always, survey the 9 people that will surround me on a plane to evaluate who will annoy me on said trip.

For example, on my way home from Orlando this past week, I had a mother and her two small children sitting in front of me and to the left of me as I had an aisle seat in the worst possible spot (back o’the plane near the flight attendent’s service area and the bathroom). The mother, in an attempt to get comfortable in our sardine can propped her seat back (not in its full and upright position), which incidently landed square in my lap and gave me thismuch room when the flight attendants prepared their beverage carts. I really wish I could paint this picture better but theres no other way to explain it except that I couldn’t move … anywhere. I don’t blame her, really, but still it would be great to just have some consideration of the person behind  you.

People watching at airports is completely fascinating. I love watching teams travel or to guess what people’s lives are like outside of the airport or why they are going to their destination. Do you have any love/hates of air travel?


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